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Client passes $1 million in online course sales in the computer programmer niche and celebrates

“Billy's been very instrumental in reaching our goals… A couple months back, we reached $1,000,000 with my company”

“After wasting a ton of time editing an underperforming sales page with little results, I asked Billy to give it a look. He tore apart and rewrote the headline and subheads, and gave me a completely new direction for the opening paragraphs. Immediately I noticed a difference in sales, and it’s performing better now than it ever has before.”

– Doug Hay
Website: RockCreekRunner.com
Niche: Trail Running

“It’s been really great working with Billy through his awesome coaching program. He changed the direction I was heading with my school and I’m now building a truly scalable business model for my online courses.”

– Lisa Mills
Webite: LisaMillsOnline.com
Niche: Australian Sign Language

“This has been incredibly encouraging, like it’s kind of busting up a wall I’ve built. An assumption I’ve built. Like this edifice that’s felt so daunting and I can just go back to being me in person.”

– Cindy Landham
Website: The Liberated Eater
Niche: Healthy Eating

“Billy really understands the online course world. I found it refreshing to work with someone who had also gone through the process and was successful at it. “

– Vladimir Mariano
Website: DesktopMakes.com
Niche: 3D Printing

“I’ve learned more about selling a course in the last hour and a half than the last year and a half.”

– Terry Mc Gonigle
Website: EnglishWithTerry.teachable.com
Niche: Language Learning

“We decided…to go along with Billy and stop working with [an] agency. That decision alone saved us $1,000 per month.”

– Michael Schmitz
Website: smarterGerman.com
Niche: Language Learning

“He is one of the most supportive, nurturing and powerful coaches we’ve worked with when it comes to the marketing side of things”

– Christopher Jones
Website: HugYourChaos.com
Niche: Life Coaching

“I had hired a marketing “guru” to help get email subscribers for my online course and ended up paying nearly $19/lead. When I asked him for help, he didn’t really have any for me. So I asked Billy for help. He took a quick look and gave me three changes to make. BOOM! My lead cost suddenly dropped down to $1.91. Needless to say I ditched the guru and became Billy’s best friend forever.”

– Rami Fu
Website: Gutsy Geek
Niche: Relationship Coaching

About Billy

Billy is a business coach and consultant specializing in marketing online courses.

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